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This tip will be based around an A4 folded to DL sized 6 page leaflet.

The covers

The front cover of the leaflet has to make the recipient want to pick up the leaflet and look inside. Our recommendation is to use a strong relevant image to really grab people’s attention. Working with the image should be a short sharp heading explaining the topic of the leaflet; this is another device to temp the viewer further into the leaflet. Your logo should also be clearly placed on the front, as a vital part of your brand; your logo gives the charity a trusted presence and helps to increase your brand awareness. 

The back page of the leaflet should always have the main contact points for your charity. If you wish for the leaflet recipient to visit your website next make sure the website address is clearly visible, if you want them to phone you, make sure they can see which number you want them to call.

Your content

For the first page of the leaflet we would recommend a brief introduction paragraph explaining your mission as a charity. This will leave space to feature a case study or prominent quote from someone the charity has helped. This helps the reader to relate to you as a charity and inspire them to help your cause.

All headings throughout the leaflet should be bold, clear and consistent. You are still trying to hold the attention of the reader so make sure they have lots of things to entice them to keep looking. Use images where appropriate, if you are trying to cram images into the leaflet for the sake of someone in the office who took a photo and would love to see it in the leaflet, stop and think whether it is interfering with what you are trying to say, often less is best, especially with a direct mail leaflet.

Try to use the right hand side of the leaflet as a reply form, this allows people to fulfill whatever 'call to action' you are making in the leaflet, whether that is making a donation, offering to volunteer or asking for more information about the charity.

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